How do we do what we do?

We mean what we say: we don't make boring web sites. In order to do this, we approach the design process from the user's point of view...the site must be easy to navigate, and more importantly, the user must want to navigate. It has to be appealing to the eye, an interesting place to visit. Lastly, and obviously, the user needs to be able to leave the web site informed about the product or service our customer is providing them. We believe that this process doesn't need to be a boring one, the user NEEDS to leave the web site with a positive and exciting image (so that they'll rush out and spend some money...because isn't THAT the name of the game?)

After our artists have come up with an exciting web site design, it's then placed in the hands of our programmers...who perform the real magic, and transform the art from paper to internet pages. Our customers then have the option of taking their pages and running with them, or they can now host their site on one of our very own servers. Either way, we can sleep at night knowing that we've made the world wide web a more beautiful place to be.

We think the results speak for themselves...just do a little surfing and tell us if you don't think that our web sites are some of the most aesthetically pleasing on the internet today. Then don't waist any more The Logan Group today and let us show you how we can make an exciting web site for you!

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